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We partner with CPAs, Enrolled Agents and Tax Attorneys who either wish to add to their service lines or simply are looking out for the best interests of clients who own commercial real estate.  What with the complex nature of things like Tangible Property Regulations it’s nigh impossible for the average CPA professional and Tax Attorney to be adept at the complex tax code related to real estate which is the US’s.  Let us provide the calculation for your clients, there is no obligation and it is at no cost to you or your client.  If, as per usual, tax relief is found you your clients will become more loyal and by word-of-mouth increase your following and client base.

Reducing Tax Obligations Is Win-Win
Proactive CPAs and Tax Attorneys who understand the need to reduce clients’ tax obligations are our ideal partner. Every CPA should be doing this in a perfect world but in our experiences Certified Public Accountants are busy and finding time to learn new changes in an already complex tax code is very challenging. We work with CPAs to get tax deductions and/or credits all the time and this results in more billable hours.  We are not trying to replace you, we are not CPAs nor Tax Attorneys, we do have those on staff to review our studies before submitting to our clientele. Like your fee, ours is also a consulting fee thus another tax deduction for your client. Complying with the new changes, specifically Tangible Property Regulations, is burdensome and the magnitude for every CPA firm cannot be overstated. Not only will every taxpayer with tangible property be required to file one or more 3115(s) for each accounting method change; that filing will also need to be done for each separate entity, trade or business.  Let us help!

Find Out the Advantage of Working With Us
Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and/or Tax Attorneys who work with us to gain tax benefits for their clients will be rewarded with more than additional billable hours, contact us to learn more about what we can offer you and your clients!

A note about Tangible Property Regulations for CPAs and Enrolled Agents:
Under these new tangible property regulations, if a taxpayer does not implement these new rules and properly file the necessary Form(s) 3115 under the correct new method(s) they could potentially LOSE their current tax depreciation or miss the potential write-off on previously capitalized assets that will just have to be continued to be depreciated.

Under previous law, it was required to continue to depreciate certain assets of which were disposed. Under the new law we have the option to write them off. This new law is going to focus the IRS efforts on the depreciation schedule. This is why it is also necessary for CPAs to scrub their clients’ tax depreciation schedules (or let us assist with this!) and file the proper forms. Addressing these TPR issues and depreciation corrections will protect your client base from other CPA firms bringing similar tax planning ideas to your clients. At the same time know that this is a big new revenue for CPA firms.

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