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About Us – Cost Recovery USA

Cost Recovery USA, LLC was established by Bobby Dozier in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

With a wealth of sales/marketing experience working for well-known firms such as Frito-Lay and Allied Van Lines, Dozier moved back to the U.S. in 2010 after a long stint in Tokyo, Japan and entered the cost recovery business. Cost Recovery USA, LLC is a minority-owned business.

Our goal is to grow rapidly by providing the best opportunity for independent sales people through the most generous commission splits and operating with the highest standards of ethics in this industry!  To that end, for sales people in any part of the United States or businesses looking to add additional revenue streams to their existing sales funnels, contact us if you are interested to sell our services or simply looking for refer potential business to us in exchange for a consulting fee. 

Cost Recovery USA logoOur mission: To make a positive impact, no matter the size of scale, to local, state and national economies through our cash-flow solutions to SMEs* in various parts of the United States.

* SMEs: Small to Medium Enterprises

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