Cost Segregation Studies Saves Taxes

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If you like paying more than your fair share of taxes, stop reading now!

Cost Segregation studies provide an opportunity for real estate investors to discover frequently missed tax benefits. Tangible Property Regulations, which includes Partial Asset Disposition (PAD) and Capital to Expense Reversal, are other vehicles for potentially finding tens of thousands of dollars to millions in tax savings.  Property owners were heretofore unaware of TPRs as the IRS instituted these tax rules in September 2014 for the 2015 tax year and beyond.

For more about Partial Asset Disposition and CapEx Reversal, which is simply the ability to write off assets no longer in use, capitalize the new and calculate the labor demolish the old as well as the various disposal fees; as well as Capital to Expense Reversal which is the ability to reverse items which were originally capitalized to an expense kindly click on the links below:

Partial Asset Disposition
Capital to Expense Reversal

“Cost Segregation is a lucrative tax strategy that should be used In almost every major purchase of commercial real estate.” — U.S. Treasury Department

logo, Cost Recovery USALeaseholders can also realize some tax savings.  Those who have made significant renovations or fit-outs of $200K and above.  If you are below that threshold, do not hesitate to contact us, an opportunity may still exist.

We are able to assist owners of rental houses, assisted living facilities, etc, and a variety of companies whether they own the property or leasing.  Those include manufacturers, hotels, funeral homes, grocery and convenience stores, restaurants, warehousing firms, doctor and dentist offices, golf courses, owners of trailer parks and self-service storage facilities, and many more.

We will work with your CPA to achieve these tax savings.  Do not hesitate to contact us ASAP, it only costs you a little bit of time for the initial assessment!

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